Nial in the Browser

Nial with Emscripten

Welcome to the online version of Nial running completely in your browser.

You can access the interpreter using the link [Nial Interpreter]

This is a nearly complete version of Nial built using the Emscripten SDK. It comes with a transient UNIX file system, home directory and Nial library.

You can write and read files during a session but the contents will disappear when you close or reload the browser window.

Two input modes are provided, a line oriented mode and a CodeMirror editor window with syntax highlighting for Nial.

The line oriented mode mimics terminal input, pressing return in this will send the contents of the window to Nial as single line. It will also allow you to send empty lines which are useful at times.

The CodeMirror window allows you to select multiple lines of Nial code and either press the Execute button or type Control/Return to execute it. If you just want to execute a single line you can go to that line and type Control/Return.

For more information on Nial including the language definition, tutorials and details of the library functions go to the Nial Language Website.